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Application Information

Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation

For your convenience, Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation is pleased to provide a link to its online Grant Application Form through this website. If you fit within the guidelines described on the Guidelines tab, we encourage you to begin an online application by clicking on the link below and submitting by April 1st.

You will be asked to supply information about your organization, key leadership, details about your grant request, impact you expect the grant to have on your organization or community, time table and how you will measure success.

Please note that the online application requires the following attachments:

  • Completed Grant Proposal Application
  • Principal objective and brief history of the organization/institution
  • List of the current Board of Directors
  • Detailed outline of project, including its expected outcome, including the number served by the grant if applicable.
  • Financial information for prior 3 years (financial statements; audited or unaudited. If unaudited, please explain why.)
  • Proposed budget for current year for both the project and your organization. The budget must include anticipated income/revenue and expenses.
  • Source(s) of other funding for the project you are requesting funding for and the amount requested (if applicable)

Attachments can be in Microsoft Word or Excel or Adobe PDF format. Please do not include compressed ZIP files.

Online Application:
If you have not yet registered with our online system, you will be prompted to create an account first so you can return to a saved application at a later date if needed. Please follow the link below to start an application:

To Update Your Application:

If you wish to review, edit or complete an online application that has not yet been submitted please follow the link below.