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Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation

About the Foundation

Dr. Harry J. Heeb was born in Milwaukee in 1882, and attended the Marquette University Medical School graduating with an M.D. degree in 1904. He did his graduate Medical School work in Vienna, becoming a specialist in eye, ear, nose and throat medicine returning to the US in 1907. Dr Heeb was on the faculty at Marquette Medical School for more than 25 years, he served as a Chief of Staff at St. Joseph Hospital, a President of the Board of Trustees of the old Johnston Emergency Hospital, and was also the first examiner for the blind in the State of Wisconsin. He has been noted as one of the first to use the X-ray in Milwaukee medical practice. He also volunteered his time on several boards and was the member of several charitable organizations.


Funding Priorities:
Assisting children, especially those who are underprivileged or abused.

Providing medical attention directly to persons afflicted with illnesses, diseases, or other disabilities related to eyes, ears, noses, and throats; or carrying on medical research in fields related to such illnesses, diseases, or disabilities.

Providing education and training (and equipment and materials to assist in such education and training) for any of the following:

  • Children, especially those who are underprivileged or abused.
  • Those persons who provide education or training or social services for children as referred above.
  • Those persons who themselves are afflicted with illnesses, diseases or other disabilities related to eyes, ears, noses and throats.
  • Those persons who provide medical services or training to the afflicted persons referred to above. Providing education and training for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Organizations carrying on any of the above described types of work and which are also avowedly religious in nature or which provide veteran rehabilitation services shall be given preference.

Geographic Focus:
Florida and Wisconsin

Types of Support:

  • General Operating
  • Program Support
  • Project Support

Foundation gifts may be made only for use within the United States with preference given to residents of Florida and Wisconsin.

Organizations to which Foundation gifts are made must be exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

Eligibility Requirements:
501(c)(3) organization

Grant Cycle and Deadline Information:
Foundation meets annually in May. Grant application deadline is April 1st.

Grant Range:
The average grant size is between $2,500 – $20,000.