About the Foundation

The Virgil P. Warren Foundation was established by Virgil P. Warren on October 13, 1952.


Funding Priorities:
The Foundation supports religious (Baptist) organizations, education and assistance for the elderly and children. The Foundation tends to give to organizations where the Trustees have some personal knowledge or connection.

Types of Support:

  • Program Support
  • Project Support
  • General Operating
  • Capital Support

Eligibility Requirements:
The Trustees will consider all qualified applications received from organizations that are exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3). If you are a 509 (a)(3) Supporting Organization, please be prepared to provide additional information. Grants are not made to support individuals.

Grant Cycle and Deadline Information:
The Foundation’s Trustees meet semi-annually in the spring and fall. March 15 and September 15 are the deadlines for submitting grant proposals to be considered at the spring and fall meetings, respectively.

Grant Range:
The average grant size is between $2,500 – $7,000.