The Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust

Application Information

The Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust

Application Process

The Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust is pleased to provide a link to its online Grant Application Form through this website. If you fit within the guidelines described on the Guidelines tab, and/or have received funding in the past, we encourage you to begin an online application by clicking on the link below and submitting by June 15th.

In order to assist the family in their decision-making, you will be asked to supply information about your organization, key leadership, details about your grant request, impact you expect the grant to have on your organization or community, a time table and how you will measure success.

Online Application

The online application requires the following attachments:

  • Current Year’s Operating Budget
  • Program Budget (if applicable)
  • Board of Directors List

In addition, you have the option to upload the following if you think it would be helpful for the family to review:

  • Annual Report
  • Photos of your programs
  • Any other documents you would like to attach with your request

The online grant system does NOT work on Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer as your browser when working on an online application or report.

Start an Application

Follow the link below to start an application. If you have not yet registered with our online system, you will be prompted to create an account first so you can return to a saved application at a later date if needed.


Update an Application

If you wish to review, edit or complete an online application that has not yet been submitted please follow the link below.


If you have any questions or problems submitting an online application, please contact our Grants Manager, Amy Green, at