The Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation

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The Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation

Submission Deadline

Proposals should be submitted online between April 1 and July 1 for the grants to be awarded in December. The Foundation must receive complete applications by July 1.

Review of Proposals

Grant proposals are evaluated on the basis of a demonstrated need for the project; clearly stated objectives and a well developed plan for achieving them; evidence of the organization’s ability to manage, fund, and sustain the project; and appropriateness to the interests of the Foundation.

Applicants are notified in writing of decisions on requests in December, and any grants that are awarded are paid prior to December 31.

To Apply

For your convenience, all proposals should be submitted using our online application.

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If you have not yet registered with our online system, you will be prompted to create an account first so you can return to a saved application at a later date if needed.

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All proposals should be submitted
using our online grant application.

Grantee Reporting

Recipients of grants are expected to submit detailed information on the expenditure of funds received and an evaluation of the project. This report is due by March 31, one year after receipt of the grant or by one month after the end of the stated grant period.

Grant reports should be addressed to

Do not submit grant applications to this email address.

You may contact should you have any questions.

Maria and Walter Regirer