The Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation


The Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation


The Regirer Foundation was established in 2014 by the late Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer to provide funding for tax-exempt organizations located in the Commonwealth of Virginia who provide support to the residents of Greater Richmond and Central Virginia.

During their lives, the Regirers operated several nursing homes around Richmond, including the venerable Mrs. Plyler’s, University Park and Windsor Nursing Home. Mr. Regirer, an attorney, also became an acknowledged expert in health law, aging, Medicare and Medicaid issues; serving on several national and state boards and commissions, including President of the Virginia Health Care Association, Vice President and General Counsel of the Virginia Medicare and Medicaid Council, director of the Capital Area Agency on Aging, and the Capital Area Health Advisory Council. He was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Board on Aging (1986-1990) and the Governor’s Task Force on Medical Response Disaster Planning (1988). The Regirers were advocates of continuing education in matters related to health care.

Areas of Focus

The Foundation’s primary area of focus is serving the needs of the elderly and aging. Examples of this would be:

  • Charitable health-care organizations and hospitals in Greater Richmond and Central Virginia with programs serving the needs of the elderly and aging.
  • Non-profit educational organizations (including preparatory schools, colleges and universities) located in Virginia offering educational programs for nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers specific to caring for the physical and mental health of the elderly and aging populations of Greater Richmond and Central Virginia.
  • Non-profit organizations offering legal services to the elderly and continuing education programs in elder law to legal professionals.

Application Guidelines

  1. Summary (Equivalent to 1 page)

    • Full name, address, telephone number and tax identification number of organization requesting support
    • Name and telephone number of the contact person for the project
    • Specific amount requested from the Foundation
    • Concise description of the project, including specific use of the grant
    • Total cost of the project including a breakdown of how the funds are to be allocated, and how monies are to be spent
    • Starting and completion dates of the project
  2. Narrative (Equivalent to 2-5 pages)

    • Brief description of the organization, its purpose, programs and history
    • Reasons for the project and anticipated results
    • Description of the population to be served by the project, including the number of persons involved
    • Qualifications of personnel and ability of the organization to carry out the project
    • Plans for evaluating and sustaining the project
  3. Attachments

    • Detailed budget for the project, including total cost and other funding sources from the previous year, and a list of current outstanding grant requests
    • Organization’s current operating budget and most recent annual financial statement
    • Names and affiliations of organization’s governing body
    • Copies of IRS forms certifying that the organization is exempt from federal income tax payment under Section 501(c)(3) and is not a private foundation or private operating foundation as defined in Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code
    • Most recent IRS Form 990 with all attachments
    • Signed statement from the chief administrator of the organization approving the request, certifying that the IRS tax determination letter is in effect, and assuring that the grant will be spent within the stated grant period and a report made on the use of the funds
  4. Optional Attachments

      • Program and promotional material
      • Annual Report
      • Current Newsletter

Contact Information

Please address all correspondence, including inquiries and reports to:

Maria and Walter Regirer